Good day
to all! I have been on a tour of many cities promoting the vision of creating
SMART solutions for tribal communities. This doctoral work has been a
fundamental shift in talking about data sovereignty not just as a matter of
policy. Data science is enveloping every decision we make in our communities from financials to health
care and this framework seeks to answer many of these questions.

manuscript represents a fundamental shift in strategic thinking to begin to
address community issues and how data is leveraged for this purpose. This framework has many facets that includes computational statistics, machine learning
and the integration of cultural capital metrics to create a strategic act of
sovereignty using data science.

Mato Ohitika Analytics open source philosophy
means this work can and should be shared with anyone looking to forward the
conversation on building ethical data structures to help communities with
nation building, rather than building digital infrastructures to divide, i.e.
Facebook / Cambridge Analytica.

The past
few months has seen this concept beginning to mature and develop into a real
force for change. My PhD dissertation: The Impact of Data Sovereignty on American Indian
Self-Determination: A Framework Proof of Concept Using Data Science

has been released
onto for study. As I was finishing this work, I mentioned
that I did not design this work sit on a shelf and collect dust, but rather
serve as a force for change as the centerpiece of my company mission goals.

I invite
you all to read and study the framework I have developed, and as always let’s
make America red again!